At OHA you’ll find a wide range of services including sales of oleo hydraulic and pneumatic components, design and manufacture of components or/and hydraulic groups and repair of components.

You can expect very complete catalogue of products from all the best brands in the market – including the Iberian leader in this segment, Pedro Roquet –, competitive prices and a very attentive and effective service and customer support.

Repair of components

A faulty component does not necessarily have to be junk or be replaced. Let us see what we can do for it.

If you have a component in need of repair send us your question.

Design and manufacture of custom made hydraulic groups

In close collaboration with the customer, we design and manufacture tailor made hydraulic groups.

If you want to build a hydraulic group send us a message so we can work together to bring you the best product

Sale of hydraulic components

Sale of hydraulic components.

OHA is the official distributor of Roquet – Hydraulic Components in Portugal.

Manufacture of custom components

Need a specific component?

Can not find it?

We can help you.

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